Our natural baby mobiles are lightweight and simple. Each piece is made from hypoallergenic  'eco-felt' -  which is a felt made from recycled garments! - and hung from a natural beechwood hoop with pure silk strings. They are non-toxic and plastic-free, safe and sustainable, sweet and simple.

All of our mobiles are packaged in our 100% organic cotton drawstring bags and make such a sweet gift!



① 6x white flat cloud pieces measuring 6 x 4cm/ 2.3in x 1.57in

② 9x 3D hot air balloons- each piece measuring 8x6cm/ 3.14in x2.3in. (3x navy blue/turquoise, 3x turquoise/ light grey, 3x navy blue/ light grey)

③ 1x organic beech wood hoop measuring 24cm/ 9.4inches

④ 100% organic cotton EcoCubs reusable drawstring bag


Eco Cubs | Navy Blue, Turquoise & White Mobile

$45.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
  • ♡ While we package your mobile with the utmost care, sometimes the felt pieces can become a little misshapen in transit. If this happens, you can correct them by spraying a small amount of water on to the piece and gently reshaping as needed.

    ♡ To hang your mobile, simply fit your ceiling hook in desired location and loop mobile over it. Always hang out of reach of bub!

    ♡ Should you wish to shorten the length of your mobile, carefully move felt pieces to desired position, secure with a knot at the end and cut off any excess string.

    ♡ If your mobile becomes marked, gently spot clean with water using patting motion only- do not rub as this may cause the felt to ball