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At GAIA Skin Naturals, we love baby massage time! It’s a wonderful bonding time for your family and soothing for baby, encouraging skin on skin time and lots of eye contact, cuddles and smiles. That’s why we created GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil. It’s a mini massage for your mini human, in a bottle. 

Made from cold-pressed sweet almond oil to nourish skin combined with organic lavender and organic chamomile pure essential oils to soothe and calm, it can be used on a newborn, baby or toddler. It’s completely mineral oil-free so it will absorb beautifully into skin and won’t clog pores or cause irritation. Our massage oil was formulated from consultations with therapists from Infant Massage Australia, so you know that baby is in good hands. 

It’s not just for baby though - our oil can be used on adult skin as well, either during pregnancy or after. It absorbs completely into the skin, leaving you with a gorgeous glow and absolutely no greasy residue.

Gaia - Baby Massage Oil

  • 125ml