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My Calm Corner Playdough Mix is a fun open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages. We are passionate about including children in the whole experience, this is why our Playdough comes as a DIY mix with easy instructions. From making your Playdough, to being able to play with it, we want your little ones to find excitement in the entire process!

Why do we love Playdough?

We love that Playdough is an experience for all ages, providing an opportunity to connect whilst having fun. It is an activity that allows children to engage their senses. When playing with Playdough, children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination whilst building on skills such as fine motor, hand-eye coordination, language, literacy and social skills. Not only does Playdough promote playfulness and exploration, but it is also a helpful tool for calming and emotion regulation.

What’s Included?

This includes 1 x 420g bag of our Sunset coloured Playdough Mix. This will make approximately 650g of playdough. Instructions and information card also included.



Our Playdough is handmade to order with high quality food-grade ingredients. By using only food-grade ingredients, My Calm Corner Playdough is ‘taste-safe’ and can be used from 12 months and older. Supervision is required at all times. My Calm Corner Playdough is handmade to order, colour may vary slightly. When stored correctly in an airtight container, in a cool dry place, your playdough will last up to 6 months. 

Playdough Mix - Sunset

  • plain flour (51%), salt (41%), cream of tartar (7%), food colour (1%). Contains gluten.

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